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Description / Rules

1 Be respectful.
2 Do not fed-post.
3 Use common sense.
4 Do not spam or flood in chat.
5 No discrimination! No racism!
6 Do not send any untrusted links.
7 Do not scream in voice channels.
8 Ban/Mute evading is not allowed.
9 Do not pretend impersonate others.
10 Do not send adultery/awrah content.
11 No insulting family members. Instant ban.
12 Do not defame any respected Islamic figure.
13 Do not encourage members to break the rules.
14 Do not use commands outside of bot-spam.
15 Advertising is not allowed unless given permission.
16 Do not use inappropriate nicknames/profile pictures.
17 Please, do not use custom emojis with flags of determined groups.

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