Description / Rules

Welcome to OverMint! The official NFT marketplace for all games on DOS!
We have set some rules to make the community Safe:
• Be friendly and polite at all times. Show respect to everyone on this server, no matter their role.
• We welcome constructive criticism but have zero tolerance for aggressive or entitled demands.
• Harassment, abuse, hate speech, threats or any kind of discriminatory speech will not be tolerated.
• Do not spam. Do not tag people repeatedly or without need. Do not advertise other discord servers or third party websites.
• Do not post any NSFW content (images and text, including your avatar and nickname, relating to explicit sexual content, mind altering substances, political and religious discourse, piracy, cheats, cracks or any kind of copyright breaching materials).
• Do not reveal private information about any individuals or corporate entities.
• Conducting any kind of economic activity on this server is strictly prohibited.
• Use correct channels that are specific to your needs.
• Breaking these, depending on the gravity of the breach, may result in a ban.
• The rules are non-exhaustive and the moderators will use their judgement when dealing with disruptive behavior.
• Do not argue with moderators or community team.
• If you see anyone breaking these rules, please use #help-request
• Use #help-request for general support
• Use #scam-report for if you find a scammer/cheater

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