One Piece Emotes – Emoji


Description / Rules

Our server provides Nitro Users with 350+ One Piece themed emotes to enjoy! This is NOT a community server, so there won’t be much activity.

Server Rules

  • Do NOT take emotes without permission
    Although emotes listed in ⁠︱✨・credits aren’t owned by the server (unless specified), they were edited to fit in Discord by <@!246988943743123457>. Please ask before taking any emotes, we will be glad to share. If it is discovered/suspected that you’ve taken emotes without permission, you will be immediately banned/kicked.
  • Do not spam
    This applies to all text channels except bot channels.
  • Trolling and Raiding
    If you are found to be participating in raids or trolling, you will be banned immediately without question.
  • Use channels accordingly
    Before posting in a channel, read through the channel’s description. If you are still unsure about what you can or cannot post, please ask the staff. This is really important to prevent spoilers.
  • No NSFW or Disturbing Content
    If you are unsure if something is inappropriate, consider not posting it. This rule also applies to Discord usernames and avatars.
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