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Description / Rules

Welcome to the Official Metro Video game Discord, please read the rules below before posting.

General Rules
Any failure to adhere to these may result in an instant ban without warning.

  1. Be nice! This is a server for Metro fans to share love of the series.
  2. No spam. For example, repeated posting of links, tagging or excessive self-promotion. Please keep any self-promotion to do with the game or books.
  3. No harassment. This includes trolling, misogynistic, homophobic, racist and ethnic slurs. This also extends to your Discord profile.
  4. No explicit or offensive content, including porn and gore.
  5. No discussion or links on piracy and game hacks.
  6. Please use spoiler tags when in spoiler free channels. Remember not everyone will have finished the games / books. You can put a spoiler tag on your message by putting || on both ends of your message.
  7. Adhere to the Discord Terms of Service.
  8. Do not ping/bother the Admin. If something needs attention, bring it up to the moderators, and if it needs to be escalated to the admin they will handle it.
  9. No politics, controversial current events, or any major social movements. This is an extremely diverse server where a lot of people from many backgrounds / ethnicities come to share their love for the franchise, not argue about what’s right and wrong.
  10. Keep content to the appropriate channel.
  11. Any attachments discord cannot open in the chat (.zip files, unknown extensions) will be removed, as moderation has no way to verify the content and integrity of these files.
  12. If posting memes, check the pinned message in the meme channel for more information on what is considered acceptable/unacceptable.
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