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Description / Rules

This Discord Server has many different types of memes | 📷 Meme feed 24/7 | 🤩Comeback, Shitpost and more |💎Active & sorted

Server Rules

  1. Follow the Discord Guidelines and the Terms of service
  2. Avoid posting media that contains offensive content towards a specific group
    Please keep in mind what you are posting, if a channel is marked that there is offensive stuff allowed, that does not mean that you can post highly racist stuff, dark humour memes are allowed when they are funny but they can go over the limit and cross the rules.
  3. Do not self advertise in this server
    Do not advertise your own links in this server, also meaning you go to people DMs and advertise there.
  4. Do not leak personal information/identities
    Do not make threats of violence such as sharing or threatening to share someone’s private personal information. You may not share content that violates anyone’s intellectual property or other rights.
  5. No saying n-word with hard R, or F-slur.
    There is no point in saying that but you can post memes about it and it better be funny not just a guy saying it repeatedly with no real meme. bypassing the blacklisted filters like the n-word can lead to punishments.
  6. Please do not spam at any time
    In this server, do not spam or do anything like this. Although you are allowed to spam in spam chat. Do not flood text channels and try to not type in CAPS
  7. Keep your profile appropriate
    Try to not have anything censored as your profile, if your profile gets denied by our staff team, your nickname will be changed and you will have to request a new one.
  8. Do not post any gore content, CP or Beastiality
    Including child porno and overtly sexual or graphic content. Also keep animal harassment, gore and beastiality out of the server or you will be punished.
  9. No Nazi/KKK/Terrorist posting/related stuff
    Please do not post Nazi/KKK/Terrorist related stuff on the server, We made this rule for the server’s safety. Post it and you will be punished.
  10. Keep content in the right channels
    You can post memes everywhere, but keep in mind that general is a place for chatting, all memes go into the different meme channels. Most channels are made with a purpose so use them.
  11. Do not organize raids.
    Dont organize raids at any point. Meaning to tell people to join a server and spam something or start doing thats against their rules.
  12. No NSFW in channels that are not marked as NSFW
    Make sure if you post nsfw, the channel is marked as nsfw. otherwise, you will get punished, if the channel is marked as nsfw but it says that there is no NSFW allowed, which means that you can post light nsfw, or that it is offensive. Keep in mind that nsfw includes cum, naked ass, or editing the private part out of something.
  13. Do not harass anyone at any point
    This includes not going over peoples limits and minding their boundaries
  14. Do not post any media that includes the N word (Hard r) or the F slur
    Do not post images containing these words you will receive a punishment, this means no images, gifs or videos that contains this text
  15. Do not joke or remark about topics such as: Pedophilia, rape or Child Porno
    This includes not mentioning it in memes, or talking/joking about these topics. Joking about these topics in any form will result in a punishment
  16. Do not ban/mute evade
    When you get muted or banned, do not get on your alt to evade the mute/ban.

Not every rule is listed here, please think before you do anything

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