Description / Rules

Welcome to the MemerMen!
A community of memers from around the world. Here are the rules you must follow:

General Rules

  1. English Only
    Everything that needs a translator is prohibited. This also includes using unreadable fonts.
    1a. Usernames must be readable, pingable, safe for work, and in the font standard for discord. In the English alphabet. If it is not, you will be asked once to change it. If you do not, a mod will change it.
  2. No Spamming
    This includes the 5+ emoji rule, text walls, and repeating yourself over and over again.
    2a. Do not post messages that has has more than 4 emojis.
  3. No NSFW Content
    Any sexual content is strictly prohibited (innuendos, etc). Avoid discussions on anything deemed nsfw, this includes gore.
    We have kids in the server and do not want them to be exposed to that.
  4. No Toxic Behavior
    Racist, homophobic/transphobic, sexist, and xenophobic behavior will not be tolerated.
    4a. Using racial slurs, variations of racial slurs and nazism is strictly prohibited and may even result in you being instantly banned.
    4b. Any bullying and harassment within DMs’.
  5. No malicious content / Advertising
    Advertising of YouTube, Twitch, other Discord servers, and anything else is prohibited.
    5a. Posting links like various websites, viruses, crash videos, token grabbers, etc.
  6. No political and/or religious discussions.
  7. No suicide/self-harm encouragement
    Do not mention topics such as suicide. This also includes the commonly used “slang” kys, etc. Any violations will result in harsh punishment.
  8. Use channels appropriately
    Read the descriptions of the channels to make sure you’re posting the right content there. For example, in
    do not post videos, or else they will be deleted.
  9. Don’t ping Admins and/or MemerMan, and only ping staff when necessary.
    DM’ing staff without permission with the purpose of spamming or trying to be funny may result in you being warned.
    9a. This including hateful rhetoric
  10. No alt accounts allowed.
    Alt accounts are considered a form of ban/security evasion. If you are banned from the server whether that is a temp-ban or a permanent ban your alt will be banned/kicked from the server.
    10a. If you were not banned from the server and lose access to your original account, contact a staff member.
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