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Description / Rules

⭐ Memee is a server that focuses directly on memes, offensive humour and NSFW Channels. ⭐

Here are some rules for our server.

Do not organize, participate in, or encourage harassment of others.
Disagreements happen and are normal, but continuous, repetitive, or severe negative comments may cross the line into harassment and are not okay.

Do not organize & promote hate speech. It’s unacceptable to attack a person or a community based on attributes such as their race, ethnicity, national origin, sex, gender, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, or disabilities.

Do not make threats of violence or threaten to harm others. This includes indirect threats, as well as sharing or threatening to share someone’s private personal information (also known as doxxing).

Do not evade bans. Your alt WILL be found and banned.

You may not sexualize minors in any way. This includes sharing content or links which depict minors in a pornographic, sexually suggestive, or violent manner, and includes illustrated or digitally altered pornography that depicts minors (such as lolicon, shotacon, or cub).

You may not share content that glorifies or promotes suicide or self-harm, including encouragement.

You may not share images of sadistic gore or animal cruelty.

You may not use Discord for the organization, promotion, or support of violent extremism.

you should not promote, encourage or engage in any illegal behavior. This is very likely to get you kicked off Discord, and may get you reported to law enforcement.

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