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Description / Rules

We, as a community, must work together to make sure these rules are followed, to ensure a high quality and safe environment for everyone.

Nobody likes rules, we get that, but without them, not only our server, but discord itself would not exist. Rules are a key part to building a successful and enjoyable space.

All rules below, apply to all channels in this server.

Meme Community Rules:

1: Do not post NSFW content!
Do not share media depicting gore, pornography, excessive violence, or animal harm, especially with the intention to harass or shock others.

2: Do not use offensive or insulting language!
Racism, Antisemitism, homophobia or any kind of serious language that directly attacks a member of this server, is not allowed under any circumstances.

3: Do not post, or discuss illegal activities!
Posting content that involves, or discussing illegal activities is not allowed under any circumstances.

4: Do not post footage of war, or other sensitive topics!
Posting footage, or disrespectfully discussing sensitive topics such as war or terrorist attacks, is not allowed under any circumstances.

5: Do not post excessive spam!
Spamming channels with emojis, stickers, gifs or content, provides a low quality experience for users.

6: Do not share personal information!
Posting personal information, such as credit card numbers, addresses, phone numbers and emails, is not allowed under any circumstances.

7: Do not post advertisements!
This is an advertisement free server, do not post advertisements in any of the channels, under any circumstances.

8: Do not DM the members of this server NSFW content, or ask for such content in the channels!
Asking members for NSFW content to be sent to them privately, or spamming server member’s DMs with NSFW content, is not allowed under any circumstances.

9: Be respectful to moderators and staff!
Please be respectful to the moderators and staff of this community, they are only trying to create a safe community for you.

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