Marcus’ Dis-Chord 🎹🎵


Description / Rules

The official Discord for the YouTuber, Marcus Veltri. We hope you enjoy your stay at Marcus Veltri’s Discord server. Be sure to read the rules, and most importantly HAVE FUN!

💬 Text Channels

  1. No spamming. Mic spamming also counts as spam.
  2. No toxicity. This includes being rude or obnoxious, mod disrespect, hate speech, etc.
  3. No NSFW. This includes gore, shock images/videos, illegal material, hate symbols. No tragedy jokes either.
  4. No doxxing. Giving out personal info, either real or fake is a bannable offense.
  5. No racism. This includes the n-word, r-word, etc. No bypasses either.
  6. No harassment. If someone asks you to leave them alone, please do it.
  7. No alts. This can be used for punishment evasion. If we found out you have an alt, both your main account as well as your alt will be permanently banned.
  8. Keep posts channel-related. Use chats as they were made to be used.
  9. No hoarding punishments. Don’t purposely break rules. You will be banned.
  10. No mass-pinging – Mass-pinging people is annoying. Don’t be that person.
  11. No DM advertisements. This will result in a permaban.
  12. No flashing images/gifs/videos. Earrape counts.
  13. Don’t ping Marcus You can ping staff/homies if you have a reason.
  14. Do not impersonate anyone. You will be muted for 24 hours if you do.
  15. If a staff member asks you to stop something, stop. Staff have final say.
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