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Description / Rules

We are a community focused on all distributions of Linux.
Discussion about the various aspects of Linux and Free/Open Source software is also encouraged.

Rule 1
No Breaking Discord TOS

Do not break or joke about breaking Discord’s TOS or Community Guidelines.

The minimum age to use Discord is 13. Joking about this or claiming you’re younger puts your account at risk of termination.

Ban evasion using alts is also against Discord TOS and also puts your accounts at risk of termination.

Rule 2
English Only

This is an English-only server.

Rule 3

NSFW is defined as content that is Not Safe For Work. You may not send any NSFW content in any shape or form, including images, links, profile pictures, statuses and emotes.

Examples of NSFW content include, but are not limited to:
● Nudity, pornography, sexually suggestive material or comments, gore, violence, homophobia and racism
● Minors portrayed in inappropriate situations
● Disturbing material or material intended to deceive, including material that appears NSFW but is not
● Anything sensitive to the eyes or ears, including colorful flashing images or loud audio
● Excessive swearing
● Asking for or “trading” images, such as hand pictures for feet pictures

Rule 4
No Spamming or Flooding

This includes text, images, emojis and reactions.

Spamming is defined as sending messages rapidly or on multiple lines or editing messages rapidly.

Flooding is sending overly long messages, such as walls of text which causes a disruption in chat.

Spamming is against Discord TOS and puts your account at risk of termination.

Rule 5
No Advertising

Advertising includes sending content that promotes something, including but not limited to a server, social media page … etc.

Advertising also includes indirectly promoting something by talking about it in an attempt to lure or interest members. For example mentioning something about a server, or asking someone to join a server or check your social media page.

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