Best Learning Programming Discord Servers 2023


Join Programming Discord Servers to learn Java, Python, C++, Rust, and computer programming languages also consult with competent and experienced programmers.

If you are a newbie and want to learn programming from specialists across the world, you need a platform where you can ask open-ended questions and have frank discussions about all pertinent topics and challenges. To do that, you must join up for the programming community discord, where you may interact with other people who are only interested in learning and sharing programming knowledge.

For this reason, we’ve provided you with a huge list of Discord Servers for Learning Programming, including those for Rust, Java, Python, C++, Computer, and others, that are available in all languages and countries. Should choose and join based on your programming passion to become a professional programmer in a short period of time.

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Discord Server for Programming Rules

Now we will focus on these Learn Programming Discord Servers 2023 rules, which are essential for all new and existing members to read and follow at all times.

  • Join just to learn programming.
  • Avoid talking about anything else.
  • Everyone should respect each other and assist each other.
  • For all members, only use acceptable language.
  • Without admin permission, affiliate marketing and promotion are not permitted.
  • Do not fight or use foul words.
  • The buying and selling of products are prohibited.
  • Don’t share other Discord Server Links in order to get members.

Note – Keep in mind that each Programming Discord has its own set of rules; we merely included some general rules above to demonstrate the necessity of rules.

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List of Programming Discord Servers


Minecraft Computer Mods

Hello adventurer! Welcome to the Minecraft Computer Mods Discord server! ...

Linux.Chat 🐧

We are a community focused on all distributions of Linux ...


You may have noticed there are a ton of roles ...

Friends of Replit

This is the unofficial Replit Community Discord. Join to talk ...


Welcome to the server! Familiarize yourself with the community: ...

Autocode Developers

Welcome to Autocode’s Discord Community! We are happy to have ...

The Programmer’s Hangout

A programming community welcome to all. Whether you've written 10 ...

GD Programming

Welcome to a server primarily made for the programming community ...

United Programming!

We are a varied community with a shared interest of ...

Programming Discussions

Be nice. Be mature. Follow the law. Listen to the ...

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How Can I Add Programming Discord in the List?

If you intend to set up a fresh Programming Discord Server or already run one and want to add it to our list, Then you have to submit your discord details through our form, just fill it and we will add as soon as possible.

  1. Click on “Add My Server
  2. A new form will be shown.
  3. Enter Discord Name
  4. Add Discord valid URL
  5. Write short description (Min 160 Character)
  6. Select , Category, Language and Country
  7. Click on “Submit”
  8. That’s all, Now just wait for approval.

Note – Avoid include any type of link in the description box, and do not submit the same Programming Discord Server Link multiple times to avoid approval delays.

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There are now links to Discord Servers for every programming language, such as C++, Python, Java, Rust, etc. We strongly advise you to join these Programming Discord Servers if you want to learn advanced programming from experienced programmers. This is a fantastic opportunity for all students, especially those who can’t pay the institute fees and can only learn a limitation of foundational programming knowledge there.

Lastly, we want to kindly remind you to share these Discord Servers for Learning Programming to your friends and fellow students, especially those who are unable to attend an institution and pay tuition. Help them and show your complete support by offering a free method for them to learn any programming language from seasoned programmers.

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