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Description / Rules

Welcome to! We’re a community learning back-end development and computer science through hands-on coding.


  1. Do NOT advertise your services as a developer or advertise job openings – What you will find at is a ton of support and resources that will help you learn how find your next dev job. You will NOT find people looking to hire you here.
  2. Get to the point – People here want to help you, but they want their time respected. Don’t ask to ask questions, just ask!
  3. Ask specific questions – Don’t just ask, “how do I use variables?”. Give more context, explain what you’ve already tried, and what options you’re considering.
  4. Use the proper channel – Channels are named and have descriptions. If you’re confused, ask.
  5. Format code when sharing – Format your code as multiline codeblocks using triple backticks. Don’t post screenshots. Here’s a guide:
  6. Link to exercises when asking for help – Each exercise in has it’s own public URL – drop a link instead of giving us a course/chapter/exercise number
  7. Be nice – This one should be obvious, and in order to keep things nice, avoid politics and religion as topics of conversation.
  8. Do not send unsolicited DMs – Ask questions in public channels, don’t send DMs unless asked by a team member.
  9. Do not advertise – We share resources here, and that’s okay. However, if you are affiliated with something monetarily, you shouldn’t be promoting it here. Ask if you’re in doubt.
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