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Description / Rules

Welcome to the IT Challenges server! We provide a place to discuss and learn about IT.
We hope you enjoy your time here, but first please take a minute to read over the rules!
Note: be careful running unknown code from this server unless you know what you are doing.


1) Be respectful
Be kind and respectful to everyone. We are all here to learn and have fun!

2) English only
The primary language of this server is English, don’t speak any other languages.

3) No spam/promo
Don’t spam, don’t promote and keep all messages to their respected channels.

4) No NSFW
Any content that is NSFW is not allowed under any circumstances.

5) No illegal/scam content
If you share anything that’s illegal or a scam, you will be immediately banned.

6) Swearing
Light swearing is fine, but please be mindful of what you say to other members.

7) No controversies
Controversial topics such as religion or politics are not allowed.

8) No inappropriate nicknames
Discord names and avatars must be appropriate.

9) No mass pinging and DM
Do not mass ping members or DM them without their consent.

10) No rule loopholes
We may moderate anything not on this list that we deem inappropriate.

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