Best Islamic Discord Servers For Muslim 2023

islamic discord servers

Here you will find the best Islamic Discord Servers, We provide these discord servers for Muslim from all over the world, These servers discuss all Islamic-related topics and issues on a daily basis, so you can gain a lot of knowledge from them.

It is not only useful for Muslims, but non-Muslim’s can benefit as well. Some people want to know everything about Islam, We recommend them they must join these Discord Islamic Servers, where they can ask questions and get instantly answer from ulama-e-Islam. Some non-Muslims find it difficult to learn about Islam because of criticism from their families, but in these Islamic discord servers they can learn without being told.

One of the best things about these discord servers is that you can learn Quran online, you can hire a reciter (Qari) and learn the interpretation (Tafsir) of Quran online, This is the easiest way to learn the Holy Quran especially for those who are living in the area where Islamic institutes or reciters are not easily accessible.

Similarly, if you want to know about Hadith (Hadees-e-Nabvi S.A.W), you can choose the respective Discord Servers, where only Hadith (Hadees-e-Nabvi S.A.W) can be shared and discussed. Also you can get all kinds of hadith books, audio, video and pdf formats, which are totally free. Which have been added in different languages and from different countries.

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Islamic Discord Servers Rules

All Islamic Discord Servers have different rules but here we will mention some rules which are common in this type of Discord Servers.

  • There is no discussion on any other subject besides Islam.
  • Do not share anti-Islam content.
  • Avoid sharing misleading information about Islam.
  • Always respect all members and do your best to help them.
  • Any kind of Promotion is not allowed. (First ask admin).
  • Sharing social profiles to gain followers is not allowed.

Note – If you violate any rules of these Islamic Discord servers, an admin may take action against you.

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Islam Discord Servers List


r/MuslumanTurkiye MTB

Description / Rules Ehl-i Sünnet Ve'l Cemaat Çizgisinde İslam'ın Konuşulduğu ...

Nour Community

Description / Rules Assalamu aleikum und herzlich Willkommen auf unserem ...


Description / Rules Discord Türkiye'nin en büyük Antikemalist - İslâmcı ...

مّكتَبِه بُخَارَى | Bukhara Library

Description / Rules The admin of this مّكتَبِه بُخَارَى | ...


Description / Rules خادم إسلامي بدأ في سنة 2018A server ...

Muslim. Chat

Description / Rules The original Muslim server on discord. Come ...

SRT (Secular Roundtable)

Description / Rules A community promoting the validity and acceptance ...

Shahada Mission

Description / Rules An Islamic Server dedicated to stopping misinformation ...

Palestine Islamic | فلسطين

Description / Rules 1 Be respectful.2 Do not fed-post.3 Use ...

Dawah And Dialogue

Description / Rules Dawah & Dialogue prohibited the server members ...

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Add My Islamic Discord Server

You can add your Islamic Discord Server to the list above, it is really beneficial because many people visit our website every day, and you can gain many members this way. You just have to follow the simple steps below:

  1. Click on Add My Server
  2. Form page will appear
  3. Write Islam Discord Server name
  4. Add Discord URL 
  5. Write a short description to describe new members.
  6. Select category (avoid choosing wrong category)
  7. Choose your preferred language and country
  8. Once you have completed the form, click on Submit (that’s all).
  9. Now Just wait for approval.

Note – In the description box, you should not share spammy links. This Islamic category is only allowed to be added by Islamic Discord Servers. Please make sure you select the right category.

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Now Muslims or non-Muslims can get any kind of knowledge about Islam. The Quran and Hadith can also easily be learned and discussed with scholars all over the world. Especially those who are always against Islam should join these Islamic Discord Servers, Once they become part of these Islamic servers, we are sure their perspective will change.

One of the major advantages of these Islamic Discord Servers is that we can learn about the issues related to our basic obligations such as prayer, fasting, Hajj, zakat, etc. Which are most important for a Muslim or a non-Muslim to know, So we suggest to join these Islam Discord servers and clear your confusion and go on the right path. (God Bless You) For learn Quran you can check Islam360 mobile app.



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