Henrik’s SMMA Movement


Description / Rules

The BEST free server for Entrepreneurs and Agency owners. The main focus is Social Media Marketing Agencies AKA SMMA.

  1. Rules
  2. No hate speech
  3. No sales in DM’s
    Selling consulting etc to other members = instant ban.
    Don’t try to make money off this group!
    Find clients other places
  4. No free courses being sent around
  5. Don’t pretend to know it all if you don’t, everyone has to start somewhere
  6. Don’t be an asshole
  7. Don’t send invites to other servers.
    you are responsible if you get hacked.
    This discord works on a very strict instant ban no questions asked formula as we don’t have time to go back & forth with people, we have businesses to run.

This Discord is NOT a job posting place to find freelancer, then we would’ve had a category for it. Stuff like this should be found on Upwork or something like that.

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