Heimler’s History


Description / Rules

Welcome to the Heimler’s History Discord server! If your brain cows haven’t had enough milking on YouTube, then you’re in the right place. Make sure to follow all the setup guidelines in order to gain full access to the server.

Heimler’s History Discord Server Rules
1: Follow Discord’s Terms of Service.
As a Discord Partner server, we uphold Discord’s TOS. It is unacceptable to attack a person or community based on attributes such as their race, ethnicity, national origin, sex, gender, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, or disabilities. Furthermore, hate speech, harassment, racist remarks, sexist remarks, sexual remarks, homophobic remarks, NSFW, threats of violence, promotion of self-harm or suicide, etc. are prohibited.

2: Do not spam.

3: Do not swear or attempt to bypass banned words in channels and General VC.

4: Do not ping Heimler or the Server Administrators.
If you require assistance with something please ping a Moderator – but only if you truly need them (e.g. major server wide infraction). Pinging the Moderator role is a LAST RESORT.

5: Do not advertise or self-promote.
Plugging other Discord server invite links or any other form of advertising is strictly prohibited in the server or DMs.

6: Academic cheating and the sharing of copyrighted material are strictly prohibited.
Do not post test answers, copyrighted material, unreleased materials, pirated materials, confidential information, restricted information from College Board, content from the Ultimate Review Packet, or any other copyrighted material. Do not ask for test answers.

7: No triggering usernames/nicknames.
Impersonation of staff members, teachers, or Heimler; usernames that break Discord’s TOS, or usernames that are triggering/hard to ping are prohibited. This also prohibits same-name mass nickname trends.

8: No harmful or excessive trolling.
Trolling that the staff deem too harmful to the server to simply ignore will result in instant bans.

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