Hakie – Social Media Automation


Description / Rules

Welcome to Hakie, the first free SEO tool that’s made to artificially grow your social media accounts.

Discord Server Rules:

[1.] Be nice and respectful to other members.
[2.] Discord Terms of Service and guidelines should always be upheld.
[3.] Advertising of any kind is not allowed on this server (this includes DMs as well).
[4.] Do not post any personal information.
[5.] Use the appropriate channels.
[6.] Don’t be an idiot; have common sense.
[7.] No NSFW or Risqué content.
[8.] Using spoilers to trick users into thinking you’re saying a slur is not allowed.
[9.] This is an English only server, first time it’s a warning second time it’s a mute.
[10.] No bypassing the filter.
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