GTA 5: TGG’s Gorilla Gang


Description / Rules

Welcome to TGG’s Gorilla Gang Mk. 2! This is primarily a GTA community, made for viewers of TGG to find friends and new players to play GTA Online and interact with the community! We hope you enjoy the server and make the most out of this platform!

General Server Rules

  1. Do not ping TGG when he is not active in the chats
  2. No drama, racism, sexism, hate speech or hate/toxicity towards other users
  3. No NSFW/NSFL content is allowed, discussions, nicknames and avatars
  4. No glitching/modding DO NOT request help for/promote glitching
  5. Do not participate in, promote or attempt raids
  6. No Doxxing or DDosing,
  7. No glitched nicknames written in barcodes, Zalgo, emojis or unicode
  8. English only, voice channels included (jokes allowed)
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