Graphics Programming


Description / Rules

  1. Do not be rude. Do not abuse any other members.
  2. No discussion of religion, politics, social issues, or anything of the like.
  3. No spamming of links. All links show must be full length (no URL shorteners). Discord, or otherwise, invites must be cleared by server moderators/admins
  4. Keep all chats on topic. Have general conversations in general and keep off topic in off-topic.
  5. All messages in violation of Discord TOS or international laws are considered bannable offenses, this includes encouraring/distributing of illegal content (be it obtained via leaked and thus “available” or not) does not matter.
  6. No arguments. Keep all discussions civil and respect if/when a moderator asks you to drop the discussion.
  7. No trolling. Conversations should be serious and on topic.
  8. No gore or disturbing imagery (this includes violence against animals).
  9. No noncontributing, incoherent behavior which is disruptive to the community and conversations.

Infractions are punished the following:

  • Warning (lasts 3 days)
  • Last Warning (7 days in addition to the warning)
  • Week Ban (7 days)
  • Perm Ban (permanent, duh)

In addition, there is a 3 strike rule in effect. Warnings from infractions count as 1 strike and last 3 months. 3 strikes will also result in a permaban.

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