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Description / Rules

Server Rules
:Ghost: No Toxicity – Please, do not be toxic to our members or to anyone else in the server. Any fighting will result in a ban, so take it to the DMs.
:Ghost: No Malicious Content-Please do not: Post files that can cause harm to another’s device, post suspicious links such as IP trackers or automatic downloads, and/or posting any type of cyber threat such as botnets, DDoS, Hacking, Malware, Pharming, Phishing, Ransomware, or Spam.
:Ghost: No Spamming – Spamming will result in a automatic mute or ban from the Moderators, so don’t do it.
:Ghost: No Pornography – Any pornographic/NSFW related posts will result in an immediate ban.
:Ghost: Use the Channels for their Purposes – For example, any bot uses must be in 🐸-dank-memer
:Ghost: Be Respectful – This is our home and hopefully your home as well. Let’s make this a safe environment.
:Ghost: No Personal Information -Do not post personal information in our Discord. That is what DMs are for.
:Ghost: Tagging Users – Mentioning everyone is not allowed unless given permission to do so. Excessive tagging is also forbidden.
:Ghost: Appropriate Discord Usernames -Do not impersonate any Staff member, Tempo Storm member, or user with their name. Do not use any inappropriate names such as racial slurs.
:Ghost: If you have any questions, they are to be directed to @LaggyCrustyMonica or @deleted-role

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