GD Programming


Description / Rules

Welcome to a server primarily made for the programming community surrounding Geometry Dash. Here you can find all the resources, references and tutorials to start developing. Besides that you can talk about whatever you want in our general channel with all the programmers of the game!

This server requires that all members follow the rules set out by the Discord Terms of Service and Community Guidelines.

  1. Treat other members with respect
    Hate speech, harassment and arguing are seen as disrespect as well.
  2. Follow the rules for each channel
    Some channels might come with their own rules. Make sure to read these rules and treat them as actual rules.
  3. Speak English within all channels of this server
    This is an English speaking server, please refrain from talking any other language.
  4. Don’t spam
    This includes unnecessary/excessive advertisementing and tags.
  5. Avoid controversial/NSFW topics
    Discussion of these topics should be directed towards their dedicated channels. Use roles to get access.

Keep in mind that all other rules apply in these role-locked channels.

  1. Do not make harmful code
    Distributing malware, trojans, and other viruses will lead to a permanent ban.

Creating any projects that are intended to abuse the GD servers or leak the information of other users will lead to a permanent ban.

This also includes creating projects which might give others access to making harmful code for GD. For example malicious bypasses.

  1. Have an appropriate profile
    Rule breaking usernames and avatars are not allowed, alongside impersonation.
  2. Respect the decisions of staff
    Bypassing bans is not allowed whatsoever. Complaints regarding staff decisions should be taken to direct messages.
  3. Use common sense
    Staff may take action when they see fit. Attempting to play around these rules may result in further punishment.
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