Game & Chill


Description / Rules

Welcome to Game & Chill this a social gaming community for everyone to find new friends, play games, and chill with the help of our server you will connect with active players from all around the world always in our voice chats at any given hour of the day. Join a room or create your own and start the grind!!

General Conduct
1: No 18+ NSFW content allowed. Our server does not tolerate any kind of inappropriate activities or behavior. This includes streaming / webcams.
2: Report people who are inviting you to sub / clone servers.
2.1: Making a server off of our active member-base is against our server rules. You can’t claim every active member in our server is your friend. So, do not poach our members; because it will result in a permanent ban. (Which includes everyone who’s helping you to build the sub / clone server.)
3: Harassment / Doxing is not allowed.
3.1: Any type of serious harassment is prohibited. (This includes, but is not limited to: Sharing or leaking personal information, pictures, phone numbers, addresses, blackmail, hate speech etc.)
4: Topic of conversation must be changed when a Staff member requests it to be.
4.1: Respect all staff and follow their instructions.
5: Do not impersonate anyone, staff or members. We take this seriously.
6: Bypassing offensive / prohibited words or content is not allowed; in the chat and-or your nicknames / profile pictures.

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