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Description / Rules

  1. No gore.
    This ranges from animated to real life any sort of blood in an image.
  2. No nsfw.
    Any image depicting naked or close to naked. unless in nsfw channel ofc
  3. No spamming or walls of text.
    Sending messages too fast, sending a big message taking a large part of the screen.
  4. No self advertising.
    No self advertising any sort of discord server, YouTube channel etc. in server channels or dms. 5. Being purposely annoying in voice channels.
    Screaming, Soundboards etc.
  5. Be nice and respectful to everyone.
    Dont be toxic for no reason.
  6. You must be 13 or over.
    If you are under 13 you will be banned.
  7. No discussion about self harm/suicide this includes memes.
  8. Keep bot commands in the bot commands channel.
  9. Only speak english in voice calls and text channels
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