Functional Programming


Description / Rules


  1. No spamming or memes in any of the channels aside from the occasional meme in misc (be reasonable). No NSFW content/messages in any of the channels. Don’t be overly rude, and don’t be annoying, especially to others.
  2. Everything related to functional programming in general that may not be covered in other language channels, goes to fp-general. Also, don’t forget to check out our resource channels, papers, articles, books, videos, etc.
  3. Anything/everything unrelated to programming/technology that doesn’t violate rule 1 (within reason) and isn’t covered by any channel goes to the misc channel.
  4. No advertising other servers here.
  5. When pasting code in the chat, make sure that it’s roughly no longer than 20-25 lines of code. For anything above that, use, etc.
  6. Go to the bot channel to claim an FP language as a role using the command !role haskell lisp to get the roles or !rmrole haskell lisp to remove roles. Perks include having a new color to distinguish you from the rest of the users in chat.
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