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Description / Rules

This is the unofficial Replit Community Discord. Join to talk all about programming, development, and of course, Replit!

Welcome to the Official Replit Discord Server!! This Discord server hosts a community of programmers and software enthusiasts who have taken interest in Replit. We hope you enjoy your time here! ✨

0️⃣ The Replit Discord community is fun, helpful, and inclusive. Please be respectful and welcoming of other members and moderators at all times.
1️⃣ Replit is for everyone. We don’t permit hate speech of any kind, including any form of slurs, discrimination, or harassment.
2️⃣ No spamming, unnecessary or repeated pinging, or unsolicited self-promotion. (This includes sharing Community posts outside of share-your-repls.)
3️⃣ This Discord is a space for users to talk about Replit, coding and technology. It is not a space for NSFW content of any kind, including jokes of self-harm and suicide. Please also avoid controversial topics such as politics and religion that can lead to heated arguments.
4️⃣ We are a global community and we’re honored to have members all over the world. However, we can’t moderate languages other than English, so please stick to speaking English. Some channels may act as exceptions to this rule, denoted by their channel name.
5️⃣ All moderation actions are at the sole discretion of the moderators. If you wish to dispute anything, please DM @MailMan. To report abuse, please contact MailMan. Avoid contacting any single moderator on the team so we can help you as quickly as possible.

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