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Description / Rules

Welcome to ForTheContent, a community of content creators, developers, musicians, gamers, and more. Our aim is to bring together like-minded individuals from all corners of the globe in a welcoming and supportive environment. As a peer-to-peer help and advice server, our aim is to provide our members with the resources and support they need to grow their online presence and achieve their goals

Discord Rules:

  1. Harmful, offensive, or explicit content is not allowed in messages, usernames, avatars, banners, profiles, or linked accounts. This may result in a ban without warning
  2. Do not send unsolicited DMs containing promotional content, server invites, services, or spam to other server members
  3. Advertising of other discord servers, offering or requesting paid services (except those relating to content creation), and other paid products or promotional content is only permitted in premium-ads
  4. Posts that violate other platform’s terms of service (e.g. sub4sub, buying/selling accounts, fake inflation) are not allowed
  5. Keep self-promotional content to the ‘CONTENT SHARE’ section
  6. Do not send repeated or purposeless messages in an attempt to gain XP or tokens
  7. For moderating purposes, please keep your messages in English
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