Description / Rules

Server Rules

No Excessive Spam
Do not spam anything including excessive texts, emojis, images, formats, etc.

Keep It PG
Do not post pornographic, sexually explicit, graphic, or otherwise NSFW content.

Be Respectful
Do not disrespect, harass, bully, use racism, hate or vulgarity, towards another person that might find it offensive.

Be Considerate
Do not slander or otherwise trash another member, person, or post.

No Advertising
Do not send or DM uninvited or unwarranted solicitations other than provided channels.

English Only
Do not speak in a language other than English for moderation purposes.

Avoid @mentioning Staff
Do not mention staff for unimportant or irrelevant reasons.

No Doxxing
Do not post files or content with the intent of stealing or infecting another individual’s machine with malware.

Keep It Organized
Do not discuss unrelated topics that are not relevant to the channel’s purpose.

Abide With ToS
As per the ToS states, you must be 13 years and older in order to use both Discord and Fiverr.

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