Description / Rules

FaZmash Discord Server! Verified Youtuber 200k+ Subscribers! Roblox Streamer / Content Creator! Feel free to chat with other peoples!

Server Rules :

1️⃣ Have Respect for others community members! Be Nice to everyone! There will be absolutely NO harassment, inappropriate messages or images, no racism.

2️⃣ Please No Spamming!

3️⃣ No Advertising, Links are disabled on this server and will result in a warn.Including DM’s

4️⃣ We do not discuss religion or politics on this server. This will result in a warn.

5️⃣ No Begging. Please don’t be asking for Robux or Pets in Chat. I do plenty of giveaways that you all can tune in to.

6️⃣ Please Respect the Moderators. If not respected this could result in Mute, Kick and Ban from this Server.

7️⃣ Don’t give out personal information Such as AGE , REAL NAMES, and LOCATION/ADDRESS. Discord terms and conditions age requirement is 13 or older. If you are under the age of 13 you will be banned from the server.

8️⃣ Keep it PG-13, Swearing offensively or repeatedly will result in mute kick and/or ban

9️⃣ In Game Trading You can trade with other people but I am not responsible if you get scammed. If you don’t feel someone can be trusted, don’t trade with them. If we find out you scammed someone you will be banned from this server.
Cross-trading I suggest that you don’t do cross-trades (items from one game for items in another game). Do this at your own risk! If you get scammed there is nothing we can do for you

1️⃣0️⃣ No Selling of Pets / Merch / Services in this discord. This will result in a kick and/or ban

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