F1NN5TER’s Discord


Description / Rules

This community is home to the Minecraft youtuber and twitch streamer F1NN5TER!

✨ Please make sure to follow the rules to keep the community safe and friendly! ✨

Rule 1: Listen to all staff members, and refrain from mini-modding. Do not argue with staff – their decisions are final. If someone is breaking the rules, ping a staff member in the channel or message one privately instead of mini-modding. If you have a problem with a punishment given to you by a staff member, message @Tabering.

Rule 2: Be respectful. Do not argue with, harass or bully any member of the discord. Any form of racism, sexism or homophobia (including derogatory terms) is not allowed.

Rule 3: Swearing is allowed, but please do not do it excessively or in a toxic manner. Slurs of any sorts are prohibited.

Rule 4: Do NOT post any inappropriate / NSFW content. This includes videos, images, links, emojis and discussion of overly-sexual content. Be mindful that there are younger members of the discord and that certain conversations may make people uncomfortable and unlikely to interact with the server.

Rule 5: Do not post any personal information about any member of the discord, or post any unsafe links such as IP grabbers or scams. Threats or jokes of doing so are also prohibited and if you are caught doing either you will be permanently banned from the discord.

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