Description / Rules

(1) 📚 We follow Discord’s ToS (Terms of Service), even if a Discord rule is not listed here, you are still expected to follow it.

(2) 🗣️ We respect everyone, do not be mean and stay respectful whilst chatting in the server.

(3) 🚫 Do not post anything that would be considered NSFW content ( Not Safe For Work ), this involves racism, pornographic, sexism, and ableism content.

(4) 💨 Do not spam or send a lot of messages in a short amount of time.

(5) 🏓 Do not ping people excessively.

(6) 📋 Do not promote other servers in any of the channels or in DM’s.

(7) 🔊 Use channels for their intended purpose. For example keep commands in the commands channel.

(8) 🔗 Do not send any suspicious links. This includes link shorteners, IP grabbers, or anything else that may seem suspicious.

(9) ♀️ Always respect the girl, do not make her feel uncomfortable.

(10) ⛔ We do not condone dating.

(11) ⛔ Strictly no dick pics if you are found sending them you will be instantly banned.

(12) 📞 Keep the voice call sfw if the girl does not feel comfortable with it, respect her boundaries.

(13) 🏷️ Do not beg for free services, everything comes at a price.

(14) 🔞 Do not ask girls under 18 for nsfw services.

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