Ekeeda-Engineering Community


Description / Rules

Here you have the rules of the community, always keep in mind that they apply both in conversation by text channels and by voice channels and by DM (Direct or Private messages).

  1. Use original name on this server, don’t use anything else other than the combination of your First & Last Name.
  2. Be respectful to everyone and don’t make anyone feel uncomfortable.
  3. Try to chat as much as in English or Hindi as possible
  4. No Piracy related conversation of/or any other course in the server
  5. Advertising is strictly forbidden and can get you banned from this community.
  6. Do not discuss any political, racial, religious or other sensitive issues in the server.
  7. Do not send unwanted messages (spams) such as advertising or flood messages (Flood the channel with messages full of junk/no content)
  8. Do not share sensitive personal information such as age, phone number, email address, etc.
  9. Do not impersonate another person or use names, profile images or nicknames that may be considered inappropriate. Identity theft is not a joke
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