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Description / Rules

A server dedicated to our favorite pets, we strive to provide a very cute and wholesome environment for a fun time chatting & interacting!

General Rules
Welcome to Dogs of Discord, a server dedicated to our favorite pets and we strive to provide a very cute and wholesome environment for a fun time chatting and interacting!
Rule 1
Romantic dating or any NSFW is not allowed within the server. You can use the !kiss command once every blue moon or say a joke, but overdoing it and showing NSFW behaviors will get you banned. Please, try to understand, we are not a NSFW dating server.

You are not allowed to upload or show or lead to or even have a NSFW content shown, at all (including gore, pornography, sexually intended, etc).
Rule 2
Try not to be extremely disrespectful to others or the server itself.

Joking/bantering/teasing is fine, but overdoing it and becoming a nuisance, tagging without a reason, ear raping, abusing the bots (like music ones), mocking or impersonating to be someone else, ignoring/lying to staff when they’re trying to do their job is not allowed.

Try to talk in a language the majority will understand. You shouldn’t be using inappropriate channels to what you want to do – for example if you wanna rant, there’s a specific channel for it. Do not spam (including: text spam/join-leave vc/server spam, etc.) and do not use any self bots at all, if caught doing it, we will try to contact Discord to get you/your bots banned.

Starting/keeping overgoing arguments or drama in the chats, disrespecting a staff member who done plenty of work for our community to grow, leaking any type of information of private DMs, doxing, excessive homophobia/sexism/racism, promoting suicide or violence are very serious offenses.
Rule 3
You are not allowed to talk about ANY other servers. Advertising (even in DMs), promoting or indirectly leading to another server, will most likely get you permanently banned. The only exception to this is servers of our chain.

This rule isn’t just for server invite links, but also for other type of links. Try to avoid sending any links without permission. If you have the Entrusted role, you may send links only from very known and trusted sources.

We do not take responsibility for what happens in your DMs, but while we take into notice any rule breakings is happening, we must enforce ourselves to keep a fun and beautiful community.

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