Digital Art


Description / Rules

Friendly Digital Art server focused on making friends, playing art games and having a good time.

Depending on severity, breaking these will lead to a mute, warning or ban.

  • No unsolicited criticism. Criticism goes in ⁠zero-sugar or threads.
  • Don’t be rude or hateful towards individuals or groups.
  • No advertising of other discord servers.
  • Don’t have hateful/NSFW profile pictures or bios.
  • This is a SFW server, so no straight up obscene NSFW art or content!
  • No public discussion/sharing of pirated content.
  • No NFT talk whatsoever. :AP_PANDAmoney:
  • Use threads in art channels. :hehe:
  • Don’t ask for free art. :NoFreeArt:
  • When posting AI “art”, you MUST disclose that it is AI.
  • Don’t DM people with your commissions unsolicited.

Also, have some common sense.

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