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Description / Rules

Welcome to the DBS Films Discord Server! The purpose of this server is to provide direct insights into DBS Films with updates and news. However most importantly it’s a place for fans and super fans to hang out!


  1. Be nice to each other, there isn’t really any reason to be a dick. We can have different options, but always understand it’s subject. So let’s not yuck someone’s yum.
  2. Treat everyone with respect. Absolutely no harassment, witch hunting, sexism, racism, or hate speech will be tolerated.
  3. No spam or self-promotion unless it is in 📈│fan-works (server invites, advertisements, etc) without permission from a staff member. This includes DMing fellow members. Also requesting donations or purchasing is strictly prohibited.
  4. No age-restricted or obscene content. This includes text, images, or links featuring nudity, sex, hard violence, or other graphically disturbing content.
  5. If you see something against the rules or something that makes you feel unsafe, let staff know. We want this server to be a welcoming space!
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