Description / Rules

Welcome to the server of the Datorium – European Coding School!
In this server you will meet a lot of motivated young people aged around 14-19 with an in-depth interest in learning coding and digital skills.



  1. Any form of advertising, without the specific consent of the server administration, that has no relation to the Datorium community is prohibited (including Discord Rich Presence).

Nickname, Avatar filtering and Account policy

  1. The use of usernames with offensive, racist, homophobic and/or explicit content is prohibited.
  2. Use of usernames of popular people, like celebrities and politicians, are not allowed, unless you are that person.
  3. You are not allowed to use multiple accounts on this server. We would prefer to see a real count of members in here.

Sharing personal data and privacy

  1. It is forbidden to disseminate private data, without permission, even if its fake data. We respect everyone’s privacy.
  2. It is forbidden to record other people’s conversations, if no violation of the server rules is detected.

It is forbidden to hurt community members in any way (cursing, cyberbullying, racism, etc.). Please, respect each other and respect diversity.
It is forbidden to use loopholes in the server rules and behave rude and explicitly aggressive way.

Staff mentioning and spamming

  1. It is forbidden to mention members of the staff several times if there is no meaningful reason. You can get warn or even kick for such action.
  2. It is forbidden to spam any sorts of messages no matter of the reason. One time is more than enough.
  3. It is forbidden to write useless or irrelevant messages to gain extra XP points to upgrade your ranks. Try to be fair and square. You can get warn, or even kick for such an action.

Channel cleanliness

  1. Each channel must be used for its intended theme. Let’s keep everything clean.
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