Dank Memer Support


Description / Rules

Welcome to Dank Memer’s Server!
This server is made by the Dank Memer developers, and is primarily for updates/support on the bot!

Server Rules
Breaking any of these rules can result in punishment ranging from mutes all the way to permanent bans from the server and bot.
Rule 1 – Follow Discord Terms of Service.
This includes but is not limited to: no NSFW, targeted hate, or advertising within the server or in server member’s DMs.
Rule 2 – Follow Dank Memer’s Rules
This includes but is not limited to: no alternate accounts, no trading bot currency/items for real currency/items/services
Rule 3 – No pinging the developers
We have a ton to do to keep the server and bot running smoothly, we don’t have time to answer all your mentions. We have a support channel staffed by our mods for a reason, use it. This also includes no trying to DM us for stuff either.
Rule 4 – No causing drama or questioning mods
This includes but is not limited to: Questioning punishments, whining about server rules/changes/moderation, begging for unbans for other people, causing fights between users
Rule 5 – Use channels for their correct purpose
For instance, shitposting, complaining, or being generally offtopic in a support channel is against the rules. This especially goes for support, if it’s not a legitimate SUPPORT question for DANK MEMER, it doesn’t belong there.

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