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This about the tumblr blog @custom-emojis, making discord emojis for servers.

Welcome to custom emojis!
Please be aware this is not JUST an emoji hub! this is a FAN SERVER for my tumblr blog:
We are The Heretics System and this server focuses on us, as we make all the emojis here. This means we will ping and tell people to verify quite often and encourage people to be active server members. Please leave if that doesn’t seem like you’re cup of tea. if we ping you to verify and you leave rude reactions on our message, we will kick you. It’s childish and unnecessary. It costs 0 dollars to mute notifs or leave

Please be aware this is an English only server due to the fact that staff only speak English, and need to be able to moderate.

Please read and make yourself familiar with our blacklist, which can be found at ⁠blacklist . Especially our Do Not Mention (DNM). The DNM is a list of things you cannot mention at all in the server. Doing so will result in a warn.

If you break a rule and delete it, staff have logs of all deleted messages and you will be punished accordingly regardless.

If you join the server and off the bat, before even being verified, put discourse or anything nsfw (including linking a nsfw account) in your intro- we will ban you. We are not here for that.

our server is STRICT. If you do not like that then this is not the place for you.

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