Cursed Emotes – Emoji


Description / Rules

many cool and cursed emotes emoji 👍due to harassment/ableists, the server will stay shut down. thank you for being here♡

cursed emotes rules! :

  1. nsfw is strictly prohibited
    ・nsfw can only be put in our ⁠No Access (you can get access in ⁠・roles )
  2. no discrimination, slurs, harassment, or bullying.
    ・if you’re told to stop saying something, especially triggers, please do not ever bring the topic up again:c_e_crysquish:
  3. do not raid, spam, flood, send text walls/copypastas, or troll.
    ・they get very annoying very fast:c_e_look:
  4. heavy/sensitive/dark subjects are to be kept elsewhere.
    ・this includes venting & your trauma, if you need to, just move to ⁠Unknown
  5. self promotion is not allowed, including social medias and discord servers.
  6. pluralkit & tupper are for system-only, no roleplaying allowed.
    ・6.5, do not call ANY user a “bot” or “how is the bot speaking?” they are not bots.:c_e_grumpystrangercat:
  7. listen to staff, ministaff, and owners,
  8. basic discord’s tos and guidelines
    ・such as 13+, no death threats, etc.,
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