Crypto Signals Premium


Description / Rules


  1. ENGLISH ONLY in text channels.
  2. No insulting or annoying – Be nice to each other.
  3. No spamming or flooding messages.
  4. No advertising – or referral links.
  5. Use appropriate usernames – No blank names, no long names, no URLs and no character breaking names.
  6. No racism – Neither in jokes or straight forward.
  7. NSFW and NSFL content is forbidden.
  8. Don’t scam – This includes in chat or via PM.
  9. Use common sense – No need for clarification.
  10. No ban evading – If you got banned, it was probably because you were an idiot, just move on.
  11. Use invite links sparingly – If you’re posting them here to advertise or raid a server, you’re getting banned.
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