Crypto Royale


Description / Rules

  1. Respect other users and their privacy – Aggression, bullying, slurs, death threats, and other unpleasant behavior will not be tolerated. Neither will any attempt at publishing any user’s private information, including their wallet address or holdings. No doxxing!
  2. The music channel is for music only – Feel free to add your own music, but do not add anything to be disgusting or offensive, or to troll other users.
  3. Do not promote crypto projects – Although discussions about cryptocurrencies and prices are allowed in the
    channel, please refrain from linking to external Discord servers or Telegram channels. Offering payment in exchange for joining another server or promoting other projects in user profiles is not allowed either.
  4. Don’t beg – Don’t beg for free crypto or try to trade on the server – there are other servers for that purpose!
  5. Do not buy/sell rating – You are not allowed to help someone boost their rating, or vice versa.
  6. No raffles. Collecting payments as a contest entrance fee from server members in exchange for tickets to potentially win a prize is not allowed. We will be looking into providing a safe raffle system that players can use.
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