Crypto Pinas


Description / Rules

Welcome sa Crypto Pinas! 🇵🇭
Ang community na to ay para sa mga Pinoy na interested sa crypto / Web3.

Let’s discuss blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, Web3 careers, and so much more!

May rules din tayo sa Crypto Pinas ha? Bawal makulit. Strict ang implementation natin. 😉

  1. Be nice, polite, and respectful.
  2. No insults or any other kind of discriminatory speech.
  3. No spamming (excessive messaging, repetitive sharing of links, etc.).
  4. No promotions. No selling. This is not a marketplace. Self-promotion and irrelevant links will be deleted.
  5. DO NOT post NSFW art/links on this server
  6. Respect everyone’s privacy.

That’s it! To access our community, click mo lang yung ✅ emoji below.

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