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Description / Rules

Welcome new and old students. This discord is for students in cpd/cpa, computer programming or related courses. This is a community based discord to help students connect and have additional tools and support while studying. The students and friends you meet here have the opportunity to network and build relationships that could follow you threw out your life and into a good career.

This is not a Seneca discord so all helpers are volunteers not staff.

I would like to stress your open to discuss any topics that interest you, however it is important to acknowledge we are all students at Seneca and we should respect each other and follow Senecas Codes of Conduct and Guidelines.

Its important to note that many students post problems, codes, solutions, walk through and share notes and tips. Sometimes a student may share their screen to receive help or to help another student. This does not give you the write to screen capture or record others. All students are expected to follow Senecas Academic Integrity Policy.

We are always open to improve the experience for everyone and welcome suggestions or support you may offer.

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