Complex Rocket League Community


Description / Rules

The official server for c0mplex, Competitive Rocket League player and Twitch Streamer.

Here’s a couple rules that you should be expected to follow to keep this server a peaceful and safe place.

  1. Please be civil in the chats. Don’t bring drama to chats. Don’t be toxic to other members or argue. Be respectful to all other members and staff members. If you see any problems arise, please ping @Staff.
  2. Please keep content in their respective channels. You cannot post images into the general chat, but you can in media.
  3. Only advertise in the ⁠self-promo channel. Discord links are NOT ALLOWED under any circumstance. Twitch links, YT links, etc are allowed in this channel.
  4. Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated. This includes but is not limited to: Bullying, Homophobia or Transphobia, Racism, Making fun of ones religion, etc. Any case of this will result in immediate and permanent removal from this server.
  5. Cursing is allowed but in moderation. Racial slurs are strictly prohibited. Use your common sense.
  6. This is strictly a SFW server. Keep all conversations, link posts, and image posts Safe For Work.
  7. Use your common sense. Don’t be purposely annoying or trying to cause problems.
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