Coding With Sudhan


Description / Rules

A community server based on coding. We also have a great support team to help people with issues!


1 Stick to the channel topics:
Follow the channel topics, not doing so will result in Moderation action.

2 Be polite:
Everyone has their limits, be polite while chatting. try to keep toxicity at a minimum level.

3 No self-promotion:
Any type of self-promotion is not allowed on the server.

4 No NSFW:
This server follows a strict P.G-13 rate limit, don’t post any NSFW.

5 No Drama:
If you don’t like someone’s behavior or are annoyed by them please let staff know, don’t start a drama to any extent.

6 English only:
Try to communicate only in English on the server, if you want to use any other languages please move to 🌐┃global-chat

7 Respect staff:
Staff are here to gaze at the server and maintain it 24/7, if staff says to stop something please do it. If you find staff is abusing his/her given powers direct message one of the admins. Do not ping staff unless there is a matter that needs immediate attention.

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