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Description / Rules

Learning to code? We’re here to help you get that first software development job!

This is a friendly place. Please keep it that way. We’re about inclusion not exclusion. Don’t be mean, be encouraging to your fellow developers.

  1. Have fun! but…
  2. Do not break
  3. Do not break
  4. Do not post anything that isn’t safe for work, school, or family.
  5. Do not post anything that contains profanity.
  6. Do not post anything that is offensive or discriminatory.
  7. Do not discuss sex, sexuality, religion, politics, race, gender, drugs, alcohol, or mental health issues.
  8. Do not argue with or harass other server members.
  9. English language only. Sorry – we are unable to moderate other languages.
  10. Do your best to post on the channel topic.
  11. Do not post the same content in multiple channels.
  12. No spam or unsolicited advertising (Including links to other Discord servers). No affiliate links.
  13. No quiz or homework questions without you first giving it a try. We’re not here to help you cheat, but we can help point you in the right direction.
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