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Description / Rules

We’re building the largest interactive coding platform. Learn to code, build projects and deploy apps right from your browser. Join us!

Codedamn Community Server Rules :

  1. Be Respectful.
    We expect all of our members to be respectful to each other at all times. There’s a fine line between joking and harassment that we do not want you to cross.
  2. No Inappropriate Content.
    We have zero tolerance for content that can make others uncomfortable. This includes profanity, slurs, nudity, violence, racism, and anything that disrupts the decorum of the server.

Additionally, do not discuss or encourage illegal activities that can cause harm to other people.

  1. No Spamming
    While we’d love to have you share your thoughts, doubts, and achievements, we would not appreciate spammy or misleading texts. These include external invites, event promotions, and repetitive messages across various channels. Advertisements count as spam.
  2. Don’t Scream on Voice Channels
    We are building an inclusive and welcoming community at codedamn. Some people are uncomfortable with loud noises and hence we do not permit yelling, swearing or intentionally disrupting conversations on Voice Channels.
  3. Keep Discussions Relevant to Channels
    We have a plethora of channels open for you to chat on, with one constraint, do not mix conversations that are irrelevant to that specific channel. This leads to unnecessary clutter and a headache for our Moderators.
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