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  1. No spam/raiding.
  2. No gore/graphic content.
  3. No punishment/filter evasion.
  4. No advertising or self promotion.
  5. No pornographic or otherwise NSFW content outside of #🔞nsfw🔞 and #🏯weeb🏯.
  6. Do not post overtly sexual content outside of the aforementioned NSFW channels.
  7. Do not promote, joke about, or engage in: swatting/doxing/child pornography.
  8. Do not sexualise children or discuss the age of consent.
  9. No loli/shota/furry/cub content.
  10. Do not ask for or share copyrighted material or nudes.
  11. Do not unnecessarily ping the moderation team.
  12. Comply with Staff.
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