Brothers and Sisters of the IBEW


Description / Rules

Welcome to The Brothers and Sisters of the IBEW discord!
The vision of this server is to share knowledge and help future brothers and sisters as well as current to become the best electricians they can be. As you can imagine this server can be utilized in many ways including but not limited to having an archive of 📕nec-charts or even 📓handy-work-references to help us become better at our jobs. This server is shiny and new so it’s a work in progress it will not grow without you, any suggestions stop by 💡channel-ideas-server-feedback. If you are an apprentice please go checkout 💬apprentice-chat I’m looking to expand this and make it as useful as I can for you guys to help with your LMS homework or anything else that comes up!
In Brotherhood
Disclaimer: This is not a sanctioned IBEW server. Nothing shared in here is a reflection of the IBEW or it’s members. This page is run by IBEW journeyman and is simply used to strengthen the community.
Server Rules:

(will be modified over time)
  1. Sharing invite links from other servers are not permitted.
  2. Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated. (eg. racial bigotry, misogyny)
  3. Union vs Non-union discussion will be kept cordial or you will be muted.
  4. Occasionally homeowners will chime in here. Advising/consulting for safety reasons is encouraged. But we are not here to walk through installs for amateurs.
  5. Lying about being licensed is a bannable offense.
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