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Description / Rules

Welcome to the Book Lovers Club community! We’re so happy to have you, so please pull up a chair and get ready to discuss everything about books and literature that makes you happy. :reading: Before you start chatting we ask that you please be sure to read through these rules as well as the faq section; once you get acquainted with this info you’ll be able to settle in and start exploring.
Yes, they’re a bit wordy, but trust us that it’ll only take a few moments of your time and the information is all very relevant to help you get the best out of the group. :BlobFingerGuns:

If you’d like to invite your friends to join us in this group, and I sincerely hope you do, you can create an invite to this channel and send it to them as a link! On desktop you’ll right click on the channel name to the left and choose “Instant Invite”, or on mobile you can tap and hold on the channel name and choose the same thing. 😃
The ability to invite will unlock for you as soon as you’ve done what’s needed to unlock the rest of the channels. We love new members, especially those who come and bring their friends who similarly love books.

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