Blue Emojis


Description / Rules

welcome, this is a blue emoji server and we have lovely community!


  1. Be respectful. Targeted hate speech, inappropriate text/media and use of slurs are prohibited under all circumstances regardless of being able to reclaim it (verbal warning first, then a bot warning and an hour mute, may lead to a 24h mute/kick/ban if continued)
  2. No spamming
  3. *No pornographic or disturbing material such as gore or images/gifs that are designed to make people uncomfortable (will be a bot warn and a 24h mute/kick/ban if continued)
  4. No advertisements (message will be deleted and members may be bot warned/muted depending on the situation)
  5. No offensive/NSFW names and profile pictures (will be a verbal warn or kick/ban depending on the situation)
  6. Don’t server raid (will be an instant ban)
  7. Any form of drama or controversial topics are discouraged, especially if they consist of triggering material (will be a verbal warn and a bot warn if it continues)
  8. Please avoid instigating in situations the mods are trying to handle. Picking sides or stating your opinion when you are not a part of the situation will result in a bot warn
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